Re: Panel in GNOME 2.0

Hi Matthias,

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Matthias Warkus wrote:
> just a little question: Will GNOME 2.0 use a port of the GNOME 1.4
> panel or will it already contain Vertigo?

	Who knows.

> (Rationale: I'm trying to figure when the first alpha versions of a
> GNOME 2.0 desktop will materialise, because I might get a contract to
> write a book on GNOME 2.0.)

	Now is not a good time to start doing that since not only are the
base libraries not frozen, but some of them will take a while to port -
currently few / no significant user visible code has been ported - and
should not be ported until the infastructure is far, far firmer.

	So, I hope the panel will be re-written to use bonobo extensively,
there are people interested in this, either way - there is no point in
starting writing now IMHO.



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