Re: GNOME CVS (silent): bug-buddy pablo

On Mon, 21 May 2001, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> Yes, the new gettext finally checks the used encoding, which means there
> is no longer savage cutting of lines at the wrong boundary (that had
> very bad effects on CJK and utf-8 translations...).
> Note that the only one that is problematic is Big5 encoding, as it uses
> the '\' char; so with previous gettext you needed to escape it (that is,
> write '\\') with the bad effect of the po files being unreadable (they
> are not real big5). with the new gettext you can write real big5; however
> such a po file will yield errors with old gettext (as you can have a thing
> like ....\" at the end).

For that, it is discussed in Taiwan i18n mailing list, and decided that
any newer translations should adopt to newest gettext behaviour, so this
Big5 problem shouldn't exist in new .po files again. Only that older files
need to be converted for now.......

Abel Cheung

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