Re: Call for volunteers


I'am actually not a gnome developper but I use gnome since a while and
contribute (actually try to ...:-) sometime. Nevertheless I'd like to be
involved in that great project and I'd be pleased to volunteer for 'i18n and
documentation co-ordinator' (or just for the i18n part if you and Dan agree
about it).

You can contact me if you need ....


                                     Remi Cohen-Scali
   _/_/_/   _/    _/  _/      /      Development engineer
   _/      _/    _/  _/_/   _/       International Center for Network Computing
  _/_/_/  _/    _/  _/  _/ _/        Network Service Provider Division
     _/  _/    _/  _/   _/_/         Phone:     +33-139-447-509  x44509
_/_/_/   _/_/_/   _/     _/          E-mails: Remi Cohen-Scali Sun COM
M  I  C  R  O  S  Y  S  T  E  M  S            Remi Cohen-Scali COM
                                     WAPmail: Remi CohenScali Itineris Net

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