Call for volunteers

The gnome-2.0 release co-ordinators would like to call for volunteers to
to step up for the following positions in the release team:

	* QA co-ordinator
	* extra-apps co-ordinator
	* i18n and documenation co-ordinator
	* PR co-ordinator

the position titles should for the most part be self-explanatory, but
	* the QA co-ordinator would be responsible for co-ordinating the
	  testing of the betas and release candidates. He/She would also
	  be involved in having test and 'GO'/'NO GO' criteria for
	  gnome-2.0 betas, release candidates and release.

	* the extra apps co-ordinator would be involved with the
	  extra-apps - "fifth toe" - release for gnome-2.0

	* the i18n and documentation co-ordinator(s) would be involved
	  with tracking and co-ordinating the documenation and
	  localisation for the gnome-2.0 release

	* the PR co-ordinator would co-ordinate and participate in making
	  sure all gnome-2.0 release related public relations tasks get

Gregory Leblanc has agreed to take on the responsibilities of
co-ordinating binaries of the betas and release candidates for the
supported platforms.


One day a tortoise will learn to fly
	-- Terry Pratchett, 'Small Gods'

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