libart and canvas maintenance

hi guys,

i'm currently porting beast over to gtk+2.0 and
therefore need a working canvas.
since i wsn't able to build libgnome yet and since
no released source should yet depend on it, i'm currently
c'n'p-ing canvas files from libgnomecanvas into beast
and got things basically work that way.
for some reason images are offset now by width/2 and height/2
(i still need to debug this), text sometimes isn't displayed
and the old libart/canvas redrawing problems remain.

i'm also still using an old version of libart since newer ones
still trigger infinite loops in art_svp_uncross() (the
"Re: [PATCH] updates to canvas fixes" issue i mailed about to
gnome-hackers this march).

since i want to make a beast release based on a gtk devel version
fairly soon, i'll probably c'n'p a working but patched up libart into
beast as well.

can libart still be considered actively maintained (i'm waiting for
a fixed vpath intersection routine for nearly two years now) and who's
responsible for libgnomecanvas maintenance (since i'd like to fold back
as many fixes as possible)?


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