Re: API docs [ was Re: gnome-vfs 1.0.1 is available ]

Joel Becker <jlbec evilplan org> writes:
> 	g_unichar_*() appears.  I've been using libunicode.  Should I
> stop using libunicode to use g_unichar?  What do i give up and/or gain
> (aside from a library dependancy)?

gunicode.h is just libunicode stuffed into GLib. There are a few
changes to make it more GLib-like and a few additions that you
probably don't care about (such as line break classes for

(Just to be an ass I'll point out that I suggested when we first
started using libunicode that someone change it to the GLib-ized API
so porting to GLib would be trivial, but no one had time... ;-)


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