Re: Evolution / message formatting (Re: GNOME Summary for June-24 - July 08)

> Thanks for the Summary.  Something went badly wrong with formatting;
> your message looks this way:
>     xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx
>     xxxx xxxx
>     xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx x
>     xx xxxxx
>     xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx
>     xxx xxxxxx
> Every second line contains 1 or 2 words only.  Hardly readable.
> > X-Mailer: Evolution/0.10.99 (Preview Release)
> Hhm...

  Hmmm indeed.

  I think the author composed the message in Emacs or some other editor
and then cut & pasted it into the Evolution composer by keeping the
paragraphs automatically formatted (i.e. paragraph type "Normal")
instead of preformatted.  This caused the lines that were longer than 72
characters to be split, in addition to the paragraph splitting done in
the original text.

  Instead, he should have selected the whole text after pasting it, and
then change it to be of type "Preformat" by using the paragraph type
option menu in the toolbar.  Then the summary would have been correctly


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