Re: Bug in URL generating code?

On Thursday, August 23, 2001, at 10:58  PM, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

Hi there!  I couldn't remember who'd written the code to put URLs into
the commit messages, but I think there's some sort of a bug someplace.
For some reason, when I try to load the URL below, I get some very odd
results (and certainly not what I was looking for).  Here's what it says
at the top of the page:
Checkins to directory nautilus by darin between 12/31/69 19:00 and
08/23/101 14:01

Dunno what to make of that.  The first few times I tried to look at the
page, I got nothing, just now it tried to load a huge page.


Here's the bug, it says that mindate is 8/23/01 14:-1, rather than saying 8/23/01 13:59. I'll look at fixing it.

This URL worked for me:


    -- Darin

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