Re: Branching GConf


I mailed a design for the new features to gconf-list (dated
October 23rd); there's been some minor tweaking but no
substantial changes.

If you'd like to have input or you have identified some requirements
for GConf in GNOME 2.0, now is the time to send them (to gconf-list gnome org).

As I expect many GNOME maintainers are looking at ways to use GConf,
this is also a good time to start looking at adoption and migration
issues (if you're not already using GConf).


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>Colm has time to start working on some new features for GConf 2, so
>I'm branching the stable version to gconf-1-0. The gconf-1-0 branch is
>the one that's going to end up in GNOME 1.4. 
>All bugfixes and such should go in both branches; unstable breakage
>will go in HEAD. Will probably port HEAD to GLib 1.3.x in a while, but
>not right away, I'd like to get closer to the 1.4 release before
>making the diff between branches that large.
>Nautilus tinderbox and build instructions should move to recommending
>the gconf-1-0 branch.
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