Re: running this by you: Application Launch Detection for Gnome


apologies - I sent this mail a while back and thought it had been rejected by 
the alias maintainer because of the size. I am in the process of setting the 
code up as a module on to make it available for assessment.
once again, apologies 

Mary Dwyer

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> Mary Dwyer ireland sun com (2001-01-31 at 1720.51 +0000):
> > With these issues/suggestions in mind I did some experimenting and
> > came up with the attached 'prototype'.
> Next time post URLs, not over 1.5MB mails. Some of use have limited
> bandwith, and pay phone (or have mixed systems if lucky). Even lists
> about images have acceptable limits, one I know is 100KB or less
> (wonderfull images in that size or smaller, if you ask).
> Should I run a binary libs I got without signature? For this, things
> should be signed (GPG, ie), like distros do. Even source, if we are
> picky.
> BTW, I thought source and patches were a common thing these days,
> specially if speaking about GNOME and GPL / LGPL code. That way
> anybody can check what is going, at all places, including libs, and
> nobody breaks licenses.
> And I want an "attached" Sparc to test both versions. And I guess PPC
> people will be happy if you send a x86 machine too, even if just to
> test and then sell as second hand. Or see point about source. :]
> Thanks in advance. ;]
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