RE: New GNOME UI Proposal

> Here's the address of the proposal, complete with fake 
> screenshots/mock-ups:

Well, it certainly looks good at a first glance.

> A few words: after a friend took a quick look at this, he 
> suggested having,
> instead of or in addition to the "hover arrow", scroll bars on the two
> application panels featured. When you look at the proposal I think you'll
> see what I mean. If not, I'll try to come up with a better explanation.

I'd agree with your friend, but I don't really like the application
bar as you designed it anyway. First, have you ever worked with
Explorer set to single click mode? It's exciting when you first try
it, but the only thing it somewhat simplifies is *opening* files,
while it makes *managing* files so much harder.

What's wrong about making the Application Launcher a menu?

Ok, it's harder to integrate things like your "make launcher"
feature. But is "hover for 1/3 of a second" really an obvious way,
even if there is the button? I don't think so. However I don't have a
good idea on how to achieve something similar with a menu, other than
either using a menu editor, or using a context menu inside a menu
(please don't).

> Also, I moved the buttons around a bit in the mock-up with the alternative
> position of the Applications Bar -- that's probably not a good idea, but I
> thought maybe different button positions would make the most important
> buttons easier to hit quickly. Again, when you look at the proposal this
> should make sense.

You need some labels on those buttons, I think. Their meaning isn't
really clear by looking at the icons, and even with other icons, the
buttons are so important that you'd want some extra information (by
default, at least).


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