Re: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

> A bit tangent to the topic:
> People should read what gnome-session does when --failsafe is passed.
> And not, I am not saying that user should know it, but that GNOME
> should take advantage of that feature (currently it seems to be
> ignored), so when user logs in, he can get a basic config back if he
> wants to.

Well I'm currently working on multi-session support for the panel...
well 'working' is a rather strong word, as I haven't actually started
it yet....but gnome-session will be linked into the 
according to what your session is, a suitable panel will be loaded...
so if the session is failsafe, a failsafe panel will be loaded...

I know this doesn't address the user's experience at all...but..

> My point was that currently it is not used by GDM. When users select
> Failsafe, they get a plain X environment (cool!). At least in my
> config (GDM 2.2.0).

Oh, I hope this will change in the future...I hope that it will, but 
sometimes you want a 'failsafe' failsafe....and a plain X env would
do just perfect for that :)

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

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