Re: Running vs starting apps

The problem is more or less just shifted around,
as a solution is very hard to find.

I belive it *is* necessary to keep the app-centric
view, simply because that is how it is now.. We can't
reimplement every application.

Some of the trouble new users have can *perhaps* be
solved if it is possible to merge the idea of an
application launch button and the task button.

One way is to anymate a motion from the start menu
to the taskbar. Not very useful but the user will
notify it. Also they will knew the application is
about to start..

An other way is to reorganize the start menu.. Somewhere
in my head I have this idea that this is possible,
but I don't know how. Usually I'm right..

Perhaps the problem is solved by reformulating what
is done as something different than documents and


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