Re: Testing & A Suggestion :)

john erling blad aftenposten no said:
>  This is a real problem in many file managers. No one really cares how
> they create new documents, they just add one more "Create foo-file"
> element in some menu. I belive this should have a better solution.

OS/2 has a templates folder. Templates are like other objects except they have 
the "template" attribute.

Users can open them  customise them, so I could open an "IBM Works" document 
and set the page size to a4 and margins to my preferences and so on.

Subsequently I could create an "IBM Works" document by grabbing the template 
and dragging it to the desktop or to another folder; the dragging process 
doesn't move it, it "tears off a copy."

Most applications written for OS/2 (and some ported to OS/2) put templates in 
the folder for all their document types and for some other objects as well - 
for example, telnetpm because it's convenient to have separate telnet objects 
for each site one visits regularly, each with its own attribute information 
such as host, terminal emulation, terminal size.

Of course, nothing prevents applications creating documents in other ways too, 
such as the "new" entries on toolbars and file menus.

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