Hi all!

In a recent email, Miguel was asking for a web helper 
for gnome-ui website.

I've also talked on irc in #gnome-ui with some folks.
Ideally all site structure will be in a xml file;
content will remain in separate files, like now.

So how about this : site has several sections, like gnome-ui.

A section has some common stuff in it :
header (image at the top)
left navbar (links with small images : Home,  ..., Sitemap)
content (right box)
footer navbar : only items with parent=BASE, w/out images

There is a common footer for all website,
grouped with footer navbar :
*** | 


Hosted by ...

A section is independend from the rest of the site. 
References in navbars are with ../

The ONLY non-relative links will be to /global/
which has :
        images such as main-small.gif, news-small.gif, sitemap
        A section can use these if doesn't have any
        special images.

A section has :
name (small letters, no spaces, unique)
sitemap - optional, boolean. If present, this section will have a site
maintainer - showed in footer

items have
parent - name of the parent (another item or BASE)
name (small letters, no spaces, unique in the section)
description (used in site map)
directory - optional; yes/no (for better org)
        directory name is the name of the item
        if not present, file with content/images/files will be at the
same level with parent's directory
        if present, item content/images/files will be in that subdir 
        (applies to it's children too)
        if a child of this one has a directory, it
                        will be in child1_name/child2_name/
hr - optional, boolean; used in left navbar to separate childrens
global_icons - optional, boolean; if present, icon images will be
        taken from /global/images/ (used for news, sitemap, ...)

Content will be taken from name.html if no <directory> present, or
        name/index.html if directory there.

Icons will be taken from
        images/<name>_icon_small - a small image (displayed in left
        images/<name>_icon_large - large icon, showed in content near

I've attached a sample xml file for this.

I can do a script (in php) which generates HTML from this xml file
and content (already started). 
Navbars, sitemap require no aditional info.

Please tell me your opinions/suggestions and if you agree with this, 
so I can continue. 

Marius Andreiana
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