Re: Menus, from a newbie

>  Where do I go to start learning what I need to know to be able to
>  contribute something to this project? What sections of the gnome/gtk+/gdk
>  source are relevant? How much Xlib to I need to know?

You shouldn't need to know Xlib, though it certainly helps.  Gnome
apps are supposed not to use Xlib at all, since Gdk abstracts it for
us.  If you know Xlib concepts, they will be very useful.  I wrote
some stuff for novice X programmers, and it is available as
gnome-libs/devel-docs/x-concepts.sgml, and on the Gnome web page as

If you want to contribute something to the core libraries, you should
take a look at the sources to make yourself familiar with them.  The
sources to the core libraries are fairly clean and well-organized, so
you should have no problems following them.  Please ask on gnome-list
if you have any questions.

>  Thanks for any help, pointers, etc. Apologies if this is the wrong place to
>  ask this kind of question.

No problem! :-)


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