re: Menus, from a newbie

Tom Vogt wrote:
>Federico Mena Quintero <> wrote:
>> > soon as in "next kernel version" or soon as in "real soon now" ? :)
>> If you have been following the cvs commits list, you'll know that
>> themes are on the main CVS branch now.
>gnome, yes, I've seen that and downloaded it only a few days ago. I was more
>wondering about gtk. if you mean that, forget my question. :)
>so speaking of gtk-themes. how about using the same idea for the
>configurable menus? I mean engines. have an apple-menu-engine, a
>windoze-menu-engine and a gnome-menu-engine.

I think this would be very neat, and I'd be interested in helping to make
it happen. Unfortunately, I'm an utter gnome newbie, and have so far had
only a cursory look at the source. 

Where do I go to start learning what I need to know to be able to
contribute something to this project? What sections of the gnome/gtk+/gdk
source are relevant? How much Xlib to I need to know?

Thanks for any help, pointers, etc. Apologies if this is the wrong place to
ask this kind of question.

Jason P.

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