Re: Menus

> This is what convinces me: the antectodtal evidence.  I like it.  After
> reading your message I remembered many instances of watching people's fear
> of "breaking" something get in the way of their desire to customize it...
> which has got me thinking a bit off topic and way out in the 'blue sky',
> but it got me thinking anyway =)  What if there was an ability on a
> machine to tell it, "Hey, GNOME/WM/Whatever, I'm going to start screwing
> around now and if I screw up, I'd like to return everything to here" that
> wasn't just in a simple dialog box?  

Wow...  A kind of UI-Configuration Transaction Manager?  That is a COOL
idea.  I'm having a hard time visualizing how it would actually work
visually tho.  

I think, to the average user, some kind of undo facility for desktop
configuration would be more applicable.  They are already familar with
undo functionality, and that would actually be pretty simple to implement.


J. Patrick Narkinsky

"It is so stupid of modern society to have given up believing in the
devil when he is the only explanation for it."  -- Ronald Knox

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