Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

Bowie Poag <> writes:

> > nonono.. not what i meant.. the application ets a hint on its window
> > "i'm idle" beofr eit goes into its idel loop or when it starts
> > processing schanges the hint to "i'm busy" if tid wousloding as it goes
> > ti changes the hints to be "0%" "10%" "20%" etc... the widnow manager
> > will get an event every time these hints change.. ti sees a new app
> > state hint. it hen looks upt its own list of whihc icon matches that
> > hint number  (lets say 0 is clean, 1 is idel, 2 is busy, 3 is
> > downloading etc..) and thu all "busy" apps display the same busy
> > icon... all "idel": apps dsiplay the same idle icon. you have perfect
> > consistency. :)
> Ahhhhh, okay. I see. Yeah, I can agree with that.. But i'd still prefer to
> keep things purely color-oriented, instead of having different icon
> "looks". A lamp is a lamp is a lamp, in my book, but I will admit there is
> an added degree of flexibility with your spin on it.

Colors will be fine, and I'll probably keep my setup "lamps only", but 
some people (i.e. color blind or less advanced users) might want to use 
bitmaps to makes things clearer. Notice that the colors could still
be used in those pictures to keep consistency if the user choose to
change to a "lamps only" setup later.

I just broke my amiwm trying to add some support for this. If anyone
has an idea how this should be added to the Amiga look and feel
without it coming out absurd, please tell me. :)

Raster: What WM-hints are you planning to use? I'd like to get amiwm
Gnome-aware, and these lamps would be a fun, although very much
optional, addition. :-P 

Peter Bortas         
Idonex AB            

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