Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

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> > Im sure it would be possible -- But, would it be neccessary, if the same
> > functionality can be tied to the wm instead?
> Point well taken.  However, there are a great many X11 applications out there that
> won't ever get the necessary reporting code added, because they are ancient or their
> maintaners don't have the time or inclination.  Wouldn't it be nice if these
> "legacy" apps (legacy for this purpose, anyway) could still have some minimal
> color-reactive functionality?  That is what I meant by an implementation independent
> of the code for each program.  If an application wanted to report any additional
> information, it easily could.

That was the original intent, actually..That even older X apps could
effectively become color-reactive, without the application underneath
actually knowing about it. But since the discussion is moving away from
using /proc (or a /proc watchdog) as a foundation to relay status
information, this may not be possible.

Still, not a bad comprimise when you think about it. Even under the new
way of thinking, the apps would still have the ability to pass status
information along in the form of wm hints, or else their respective lamps
and beacons could just remain clear. :)

Bowie J. Poag

> Matt Briggs <>

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