Re: gnome-stock pixmaps

>> initial_state.
>> change1
>> Apply
>> change2 change3 Apply
>> Undo [reverts to initial+change1]
>> Undo [reverts to initial_state]
>> Close would be active after either an Apply or an
>Undo (only inactive after a
>> change.)

So you are saying that I must Apply+Undo+Close if a change something but I
do not like it.

Close and help should be avaliable always. The function is immediate, so you
can close after change anything without appling (for example you change a
number by error, with you system you must apply and undo before close).

Apply only avaliable when a change is made.
Undo when a change is applied.
>Are you trying to drive your users away in absolute
>terror, or merely confuse them into a docile stupor?

3 clicks to close a unwanted change. Long. Dunno if terror, but users will
become tired.

>Seriously, to resolve these recurring problems, we
>will eventually have to come to terms with our target
>audience.  Until we do, many otherwise excellent
>programmers will continue to make themselves their
>target user.  

I asked my sister and mother, both think close should be always avaliable
and inmediate, no "Unapplied changes. Close anyway?" window. They are smart,
no computer gurus, but smart, they understand perfectly words like Close and
Apply (two words, two buttons, no "Close+Apply" button). [This last phrase
about "smart" may sound offensive... ;] not intended]

Thats the public we target, ppl who use a computer and can understand
things, not vegetables with communication problems. And the less a user as
to learn, the happier he is (so why redefining/extending the meaning of
words?). ;]


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