Re: What handle bars are good for:

> I see three real major uses for handle bars,
> of which neither is (AFAIK) implemented in GNOME yet:
> (1) Dockable/Floating Menus
>     ...
>     For an implementation of this, look at KDE (or is it Qt).
>     KDE doesn't allow you to drag menus, though - clicking on
>     the handle just pops up a menu where you can chose one of
>     the five possibilities mentioned above (n,e,s,w,floating).

  You have an old version(KDE? Qt?). You can drag in and out, but you
  can not move them from one docked position to another. 

> (2) Switch-on/Switch-Off Menus
>     ... 
> (3) Panel
>     ...
> Just being able to drag menus out of windows and having them
> free-floating (as it is now) doesn't really gain anything, IMHO. 
> It's like a bad clone of the original idea without the benefits
> of the original thing. Or is it?

  Did you think about lifetime Mac users that want to have that
  application menu in one place(top left). With floating menubar you
  ca neasily emulate that behavior. Just try it -- drag a few menubars
  in one place (e.g. top left) and start changing focus from one
  window to another. The menu of the currently active window will be
  always at the top, and if you will ajust them so that they have the
  same size you will have almost a Mac menu bar.


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