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On Sun, 03 May, 1998 at 08:16:17PM -0000, Russell Nelson set free these words:
>  > Note that the current PropertyBox API does *not* support any notion of
>  > Undo.  That would be useful to add.  The critical part (as I mentioned
>  > the last time this thread came up) is getting the model right.
> Then perhaps it should work like this:
> CLOSE: Closes the dialog
> APPLY: Applies the current settings, so you can see if you like them
> UNDO: Reverts the settings to those before opening the dialog
> (HELP: Brings up some contextual help)
> IMHO, if you haven't changed any settings, Apply and Undo should be
> unlit, and if you have, then they should be lit, and Close unlit.
> That is, you can't close with unused changes.  You either have to
> accept them or discard them.
Hey that's a good suggestion!  Really different from anything else I've ever
seen though.... Also I'd rather see finer granularity on the Undo -- maybe we
can treat "Apply" as creating a checkpoint and each "Undo" goes back one more
checkpoint.  So the following would work:

change2 change3 Apply
Undo [reverts to initial+change1]
Undo [reverts to initial_state]

Close would be active after either an Apply or an Undo (only inactive after a

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