Re: property dialogs

On 18 Mar 1998, Russell Nelson wrote:

> Dirk Luetjens writes:
>  > And please, always in the order 
>  > <positive answer> <negative answer> <cancel>.
>              Do you want to crash your system?
>                    <Yes>  <No> <Cancel>
> How about:
> <safe answer> <unsafe answer> <cancel>
> Or even better, how about asking questions where the positive answer
> is the safe answer?

Definitely a lot better. I mean, what does 'Cancel' mean in the example
above. If 'Cancel' cancels, what does 'No' do? Does it mean that it
crashes the system anyway, the only difference being that I may not be
happy about it? 

Why add a third alternative to a Yes/No question? Having a help button
would probably be beneficial though.

Per Lewau ( of Computer Science at the 
				University of Linkoping, 
"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?"
						- Hobbes

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