Pour water, stir, and pour again -- Just like Smokey says! :)

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:

> that's one of the reasons I don't rule out that bowie is right. but just
> because "maybe" is no reason for me to stop doing what I feel is right.

Ok, cool. Then I agree.. I actually -want- you to put stuff through the
mental grinder on your end. I just wish you would do it in a way thats
immediately beneficial to the project. Its okay, tho.

> > >I really, really do not see the problems you are having with someone
> > >creating a second approach.
> > 
> > It DOES splinter efforts, removes focus, and generally creates a flame war
> > where there really shouldn't one.
> you're right about the flame war, there shouldn't be one. is there? I can't
> remember that bowie and I flamed each other.

We haven't. :) People mistake all the added **EMPHASIS** I place in some
of my posts as flame. It honestly isnt. I just hate using text as a mode
of communication. So much depends on inflection, and using emphasis on
certain words. Half the time, people thing i'm being sarcastic when i'm
not.. And whenever I -am- being sarcastic, half the time people think im
trying to flame! :)
> > Can't we just all get along?
> can't we all just get along with everyone doing things the way he prefers?
> ;)

I dont need 'meat engines' to help achieve the goal.  I need *people with
brains* who are willing to toss out ideas, and be receptive to bouncing
other ideas back. :)


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