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Hey, Stephan, I was about to post the same message! :)

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Stephan Pfab wrote:

> If the word "about" would be used as the "About" menu:
>   About:
>   version 13.47
>   author: Jow Smith
>   mail:
> Silly isn't it.
> For this kind of information (version ...)
> we really should have a different menu entry,
> e.g.: "Credits" or "Version"

Agreed, but, as Bowie said, this information isn't really
help-related...but it could be:

The authors' names should link to their web page. Email addresses should
be mailto links. The version number should link to a changelog. The window
should also contain mailing-list info (even an auto-subscriber), a support
email address (if any) and a link to the project web page, and copyright

Also, there's no need to separate the version/credit info away from the
about info (especially because the latter is intended to be fairly brief).
Cooper even suggested in _About Face_ (p. 358) that it would make sense to
include all of these in one "About" window.

Tim Moore

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