Re: Start Menu vs. Panel

From: Bowie Poag <>

>Its not a problem in every system. AmigaDOS handled it fine -- How?
>Because of their style guide. The AmigaDOS Style Guide for 2.x dictates
>that application installs must conform to an "Installer" script, which
>asks the user their level of experience right off the bat. Novice,
>Intermediate, or Expert. Installation, and subsequent removal of installed
>apps was a breeze.

I think it is a Bad Thing to force the user to choose whether he/she is a
'Novice', 'Intermediate', 'Expert' or whatever. Expert in what!? It doesn't
require an expert to select components to be installed or to choose where
files are installed. Instead, try to supply reasonable defaults, and let any
user modify those if he really wants to. I'd rather have to select 'Accept
Defaults' or 'Custom' than 'Novice' or 'Expert'.

In short: 'Novice', 'Expert', 'Intermediate' etc are very vague words, and
therefore should be avoided.

Oskar Liljeblad (

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