Re: Proposal for First Draft of GNOME Style Guide 1.1

Bowie Poag wrote:

> The concept of "Compliance Levels" was first announced here

Yep, that's the origin of the suggestion, although it's hardly a unique idea.
I merely made it more concrete.

> I appreciate your input, but please hold off on producing them to the
> mailing list until the formal groundwork has been unveiled at the UISG
> Conference on Sunday.

Why wait further?  We've been waiting for something, anything from you since
you announced your maintainership 20 days ago.  You have your way of doing
things, and I have mine.  This is an *open* forum.  People should be
encouraged to post ideas, not discouraged.

> We all need to have consensus on the framework
> before we move onto the details.

That's why I posted a suggestion on the framework and not the details.  The
only fully-fleshed out items were lifted verbatim from the old Guide.  I
merely included them for context, to help illustrate my intent.

> I really hate to say it, but (for now) such proposals only serve to
> confuse the issues...for the moment. Hold off on it for now, and make the
> appropriate suggestions for changing the design of the official framework
> on sunday.

Quite contrarily, I think it's better to bring these things to light _before_
the conference so people will have time to mull them over.  Preparation makes
for better design sessions.


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