Re: Possible Ideal Gnomeprint Layout

Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
> Was just hopping around the web and found this image.  Except for the color
> scheme(bit too garish), that's kind of what *I* think the ideal layout style
> should be for the Gnomeprint.  It's from icewm.

sorry for the flame, but I really think this is a BAD example.

it's overstructured, so to speak. go->networks->www->netscape ? this is not
for the guys who use netscape very often, is it?

I think this is a typical programmer-style layout. structure, structure and
structure. just that users don't THINK in structures. users think "netscape"
not "networking tool to view the www".

in addition, the number of items is probably way too large. I've said this
somewhere else already, but lots of items are intimidating to users. don't
you think "whoops" when you click a button and half the screen changes? much
more so with the users who are not sure that they didn't break something by
clicking that thing. it's really true, I've talked to users who believe they
have to exit windoze explorer before they can open the start menu.

to finish the critizism of that example: sorting by alphabet is another 
coder typical thing. it's value might be topic of discussion. however,
including HELP in there and putting it between graphics and math is not
exactly what I call a good idea. :)

'nough flame for today. I'll try to create what I consider a good default
setup, then do a screenshot and put it online, ok? then you can return the
favor and flame me. :)

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