Re: extra menus on panel

Dion Detterer <> wrote:
> Ideally, after customisation, the user should have the panel holding
> items that are used time and time again, grouped by task, with a single
> folder containing everything else, to be used as a last resort. 
> Including more than one folder by default unnecessarily complicates the
> customisation process, since most users (I suspect) would not want
> generic, non-task-specific folders cluttering up the panel-space.
> MISC | TASK1 | TASK2 | ... | TASKn | ... (clock)
> for example, makes the first decision easier as to "how do I start my
> given task?" than does
> MISC | APPS | GAMES | TASK1 | TASK2 | ... | TASKn | ... (clock)
> Sure, it makes it easier to do general tasks, but at the expense of
> slowing common tasks.  It's far easier for the user to build upon the
> foundations of the default than it is to modify the default first.

you have a point there. I'm not yet agreeing in full, but definitly a point.

so how about the compromise solution of creating one "system" and one "user"
folder as default? it would kind of split things according to task as well
because system administration is for the most parts a different task than
user applications.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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