Re: The relationship between Desktop and Panel

Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:

> You state that the Start Menu is poorly derived and poorly thought ought.  I
> agree that the default implementation of contents that have been placed in
> it *STINK*.  Even though Microsoft *demands* the user have the right and
> ability to place each app *upon installation* into a specific and
> appropriate folder, it turns out that's not enough--nobody takes the effort
> to set up folders.  I'd say that this is an example of what Russel worries
> about--lots of theory, not enough testing.  Testing would have showed nobody
> bothers to set up their own categories, at least almost nobody.

don't forget that once you moved the progs around in the start menu,
uninstall won't find them anymore.

this DOESN'T look like a flaw to me anymore. more like it's meant to be that
way. it actively DISENCOURAGES people from configuring the menu.

which adds yet another point to the gnome issue: we've gotta keep track of
where the user puts stuff, in case of uninstalls. maybe a unique serial
number kind of thing is enough.

> Oops, I forgot when you're studying prior art, it's research, but when
> Microsoft studies prior art, it's theft and plaigarism.
especially since they can't get it done right. :)

there's an art in stealing. the art is to steal the good parts and leave the
bad ones. that's what we are aiming at, right?

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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