Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

>Who would it be a
>standard _for_? There aren't going to be multiple implementations of
>Gnome which need to be made compatible.

Uhm, yeah there are, it's called WM compliance...E, Windowmaker, and a few
other interfaces are going to need to support specific GNOME features.

Anyway, if the style sheet tells the app writer how to conform to the
desktop, uhm, shouldn't teh style sheet writer have a desktop to design FOR?

>[Consensus is needed]

Agreed.  I happen to note that the guy *is* reading the group, and *is*
participating in the debate.

>3) Wether or not someone wants a monolithic overall design imposed by
>a single person from above is irrelevant, because it can't work. This
>is not proprietary software development. You can only get the coders
>to do what you want by convincing them they want to do it.

There's a difference between imposed from above and collated from among.

>In summary, your creative freedom extends exactly as far as you are
>able to convince others to follow it.


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