Re: The relationship between Desktop and Panel

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> I disagree.  Provided the large majority of GNOME apps do it *right*, i.e.
> entered into a set of predefined categories, the first porting effort that
> does it wrong will give a *wrong* amount of negative feedback to the
> manufacturer of the Windows mis-port.  This will be such a traumatic and
> well publicized mistake that nobody will make the same mistake again.

> Hell, maybe we'll see apps default install into Windows using the Gnome
> style :-)

	Hmm...  I don't think this is right.  Look at RPM for a moment.  I
have installed a number of RPMs.  Now, I like them from RedHat the best
since I know the application will integrate itself happily with the rest
of the RPMs.  

	Other RPMs can violate the linux file system standard, or cause
other problems.  Sometimes I use them anyway because I have to.  So what?
Well, RPMs are listed in a tree format.  And I've seen some really crazy
tree nodes.  I think the same thing will happen to any menu.


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