Re: Links to Style Guides (Was Re: guessing, speculation, andopinion)

>Your opinion is meaningless.  So is mine.  Only research matters, and
>y'know? research has shown the value of pie menus.
>You're wasting our time.

Quit being so cocky.  Research is not God.  People paid to experience an
interface are different than people *paying* to experience an interface.
There are fear of looking stupid issues, there are overly-accessable
documentation issues, and there are issues with overly skilled users being
overrepresented because they're the kind of people willing to do a UI
research project.

People follow Heisenberg's Law sometimes, ya know.

Do I think this guy is wrong about Pie menus?  Oh yes.  Pie Menus appear to
be a brilliant system.  But they should not be mandatory--the toolkit should
allow a simple mouse click to switch between linear and pie.  Look at how
many people want to turn Windows 98 back to the classic interface, even
though I'm sure alot of research says it's more effective.

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