Re: To answer your question about pie menus...

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From: Russell Nelson <>
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Date: Friday, July 24, 1998 8:33 PM
Subject: Re: To answer your question about pie menus...

>Dan Kaminsky writes:
> > >
> >
> > One comment, though...doesn't appear wonderfully scalable past eight
> > entries(but nobody ever said +8 is a good thing) and all entries should
> > sorted alphabetically so simple keyboard access(faster than mouse) is
> > simple.
>I can reliably select a few (I really only use a few of them) items
>from (anecdotal
>evidence, but it is proof that big pie menus *can* work).  Overlarge
>menus are slow, whether you use pie menus or linear menus (based on my
>own experience, not on any testing :).
>Instead of sorting alphabetically, one sorts by compass direction.
>Most often used go on N, E, S, and W.  Less often go in-between the
>cardinal directions.  For example, I have middle-click on root set to
>pan the window on the pager.  So I do {middle-press, move up, release}
>to pan up, and {middle-press, move down, release} to pan down.

Impressive.  I happen to think that *your particular* implementation isn't
very graphically pleasing, but definitely impressive.

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