Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

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From: Tom Vogt <>
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Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 3:23 AM
Subject: Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

>Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
>> >I'm not sure about the whole feature (how many megs will this take up?)
>> >it HAS to be voice. text will distract from watching "the show".
>> Voice has to be optional.  *LINUS* doesn't have a sound card :-)
>that's what they call a killer argument. :)))


>> I think Screenplays make the ultimate illustrators.  I used to debate and
>> KNOW how bad alot of people are at speaking; I wouldn't want to have to
>> DEPEND on speech for documentation.
>we would need ONE speaker - for consistance reasons.
>I don't think this whole thing is possible. if it were, it would be a nice
>thing, especially for newbies. guided tours WITH interaction (else you get
>bored!). but I don't think it's possible, so there we go.

This whole thing?  Screenplays are definitely possible.  Voice
sychronization isn't too difficult, neither is compression, neither is the
breakpoint interface.

Should most apps have voiced tours?  No.  Should Redhat 6.0 come with a
voiced tour for newbies?  Yup.

[/me shamelessly volunteers to be the voice actor :-)]

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