Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>I realise that this probably will be too much to ask, as nobody (at
>least very few) enjoys writing docs. Therefore I think it is best to
>expect a manual and a guided tour. If the manual gets too long it
>could be divided into smaller easy to swallow manuals :)

Boy, if there was ever an argument for screenplay(cuz it's not video, and
it's not text) tutorials!  It's MUCH easier to write a screenplay tutorial
than to write documentation, and it's more effective too.  "OK, lets go item
by item and write down or say what it does."

Hurm, the more I talk about speech, the more I worry about having to listen
to some schmuck with a thick accent "document" something without
enunciating.  The GNOME style standard, if it accepts screenplay standards
as a recommended help aid, should clearly state that all documentation
should include text description of what's being said.  Besides, it's better
for my two deaf friends.  :-)  Not everyone can hear.

(OK, not everyone can see, but it's kinda hard to use GNOME while being
blind.  tcsh is a bit better here :-)

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