Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

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From: Pablo Saratxaga <>
To: Dan Kaminsky <>
Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

>Kaixo !
> > 1)  Webtabbing.  Type in<TAB> should
> > the source code to the, look for all links that contain
> > screen, add to tab array, then look for all links described using the
> > "screen" and add to tab array, then finally links *near* the word
> > ;-)
>You aren't serious are you ? The amoun of traffic will be too big, that is
>the answer time will be too much and make it useless; not to mention
>that most sites don't allow looking at the directories and require explicit
>file names.
>What will be really nice instead is some historic file, and use it for
>tab completion; that is if you accessed then typing
><tab> should complete to
>Supporting netscape history will be nice too, as well as ncftp, mc, etc...

Well, this can be combined.  Check the history(gzilla's :-) for the page
that was loaded when was requested.  If it's not in the cache,
download it(put in some kind of graphical signal that the file is being
grabbed) and scan the HTML source by hand.

HTML source is available 100% of the time.  That's what I'm referring to.

It's a toy, yes, but a decent one.

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