Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

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From: Tom Vogt <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

>Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
>> 4)  RECENT IS GOOD.  Recent apps, recent documents, recent *everything*
>> should be logged and available.
>agreed that it's good, but don't forget the security aspect in this. in
>(rare, but possible) special cases, this might be ILLEGAL due to privacy
>laws. I'm not joking, got this from someone who is working on data security
>and privacy with the german government.

No, it's only illegal to log "recents" if the user doesn't have a reason to
believe they're being logged.  I'd say having an entry off the gnomeprint
that says "Recent Apps" is pretty logical :-)  However, I agree.  It should
be very simple to turn this feature off, both in general and between

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