Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

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From: Preben Randhol <>
To: Kai Wetzel <>
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Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

>* Kai Wetzel
>| Hi, interesting line of thinking.
>| Despite harsh criticism of "Apple's" intuitiveness concept in
>| the GUI hall o' shame, etc. I think it's a good idea:  If you
>| _know_ what you want to do, you'll find the functionality in
>| your applications w/o looking up docs.  Of course it can't works
>95% of the questions I get on howdo I do this and that in Word etc is
>due to that people don't look up in the manuals. Therefore I don't
>like the idea to encourage people not to read the docs.

The fact is that very little documentation is actually readable.  It sucks

They say 10% of features are used.  You'd be surprised how often those 10%
are self-documented features--both because users want them, and because
Microsoft wants less calls on how to get them.

>Well your dog sounds a lot like the paper clip IMHO

How much for that doggie in the window...

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