Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

I think it is better that one makes good documents which are easy to
read. Preferable a Manual, Reference manual and a Guided Tour
Manual. With the latter you learn to use the program by doing the
steps that is listed.

Therefore I think the effort should be put into making a very good
help-browser which is easy to use and can be called when needed from
the program.

Making wizards or that annoying but cute little guy in MSOffice 97 and
similar things makes the programs bloatware IMHO.

When speaking about key bindings. One could do like Emacs does:

If you press M-x and write a function Emacs will say
You can use M-\ to run this xxx function.

If you chose a menu item that has a keybinding you could be reminded
in a statusbar that this can be done with this and this keybinding.
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