Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide..

From: sun <>

>i think it's safe to say that since x was designed for use with 3
>buttons (even mac x servers take this into account, with standard
>key-combos to emulate buttons 2 and 3) that we should count on having at
>least those 3 buttons, but support scroll-wheels and additional buttons
>too if necessary.

I've been using a two button mouse in X for a while now. I see no reason
that applications should *count* on having three button mice. However, I
don't mind if three buttons or more are recommend, as long as there's a
reasonable keyboard shortcut for the command assigned to the middle button.
(Of course, the best thing would be if keys & mouse buttons were fully
configurable through a uniform interface...)

If possible, apps shouldn't count on having two button mice either - the
application should be navigatable without a mouse. On the Amiga you used the
Amiga key and cursor keys to move the mouse cursor (holding down Shift to
move longer distances). This method has saved me several times when the
mouse was broken (or last time I used the Amiga - lost :).

Oskar Liljeblad (

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