Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide..

>>    Standards which make sense, and can survive the test of time, are
>> more valuable than you can believe. Ever wonder why the distance between
>> the rails of a railroad track are all the same, no matter where you are?
>> Its been like that for over 150 years. Why? Because someone back in the
>> 1840's sat down, thought about it, and did the right thing.
>by the way: railroad tracks in russia have a DIFFERENT width. it was part of
>what successfully closed of russia to the german blitzkrieg in wk2.

And Spanish too. So maybe two (Russia == Spain) or three widths (Russia !=

>which goes to say that even if everybody else does it in a certain way, in
>some cases it might be better to do it differently.

Here they say "Spanish railroads are bigger cos our country has many
mountains and trains must run over stable railroads".

I think one mayor point to get in Gnome is "costumize a lot your enviroment,
but you always get the same among all places". Lets say this way: user
decides configs, not the coder. You will be able to emulate (emulate to some
degree, I am sure that 100% emulate is Really Bad TM, cos you will not need
Gnome) other configs, or change at will from session to session (practice
other languajes, use other x terminals, adapt desktop to mood... just like a
real desk), but *you* changes when you wants, not when coder wants.

And about default configs... do some and let the user choose what config he
will use untill he learns to change (typical "copy friends' configs) or
customizes himself. Like themable WM (E, for example).


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