Re: pushing the applets around

Justin Ross wrote:
> Gnome, like KDE, has you move applets by right-clicking on one and then
> panning your mouse (not clicking again).  I've only recently begun to
> remember to do this right -- it's been a bit of a hurdle getting used
> to.

i'm using the old gnome 2.0 snapshot rpm's, so i don't know if this has
changed, but in my panel the applets and icons are moved by
middle-dragging them. right-clicking them pops up a menu from which the
applet can be configured, removed from the panel, etc. (yes, moving it
is there, but is much less convenient than middle-dragging.)

> However, a better alternative doesn't spring to mind.  Perhaps keeping
> it as it is and letting us shift- (or control-) click to move the
> applets?

x is designed for use with 3-button mice. if you don't have one, i
suggest turning on middle-button emulation. then you can use the
middle-button-drag method too, and i'm sure you'll like it much better
than right-button menu selection.

> The other alternative, raised before and generally disapproved of if I
> recall, would be a panel with two modes: working and configuration
> modes.  This doesn't seem so bad to me.  How would it work if it were
> so?  And what are the disadvantages, especially in light of the problems
> facing the modeless arrangement we have now?
> A configuration mode would also allow the user to drop a document on to
> the panel (perhaps an obscure desire of mine) and *not* have it load
> anything, rather embed itself.

apple's style guide advises against using moded programs, and in this
case i am more than inclined to agree with them. adding operational
modes to the panel would make it needlessly complex, requiring twice the
time to learn. i'd suggest just using middle-button drag, as noted
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