pushing the applets around

Gnome, like KDE, has you move applets by right-clicking on one and then 
panning your mouse (not clicking again).  I've only recently begun to 
remember to do this right -- it's been a bit of a hurdle getting used 

However, a better alternative doesn't spring to mind.  Perhaps keeping 
it as it is and letting us shift- (or control-) click to move the 

The other alternative, raised before and generally disapproved of if I 
recall, would be a panel with two modes: working and configuration 
modes.  This doesn't seem so bad to me.  How would it work if it were 
so?  And what are the disadvantages, especially in light of the problems 
facing the modeless arrangement we have now?

A configuration mode would also allow the user to drop a document on to 
the panel (perhaps an obscure desire of mine) and *not* have it load 
anything, rather embed itself.    

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