'About' versus 'About...'

>> That's already in the style guide:
>>    'Menu items that open dialogs or require additional user 
>>     should indicate it with a "..." after the label. For example, the
>>     "About" menu entry in the "Help" menu should actually look like
>>     "About...".  '
>my foot's in my mouth then. :) okay, so it's been a while since i've
>read that style guide already. i'll do better next time.

I'm not sure you need to put your foot there.  I seem to recall from 
perusing the Interface Hall of Shame or some such site that the '...' 
means 'more info needed' or in other words 'further user interaction 
required'.  So, if 'About Communicator' calls up an about screen but 
prompts me for nothing, then it should be as it is: without the '...'.

Perhaps the style guide needs tweaking in this.


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