Re: Key Bindings

I accidently deleted the message before I could respond to it, but someone just suggested using the function keys for the key bindings.  The original purpose of function keys was to have a reassignable command structure.  In *gasp* qbasic in dos, they were keyboard "shortcuts", and have been used in many different ways for different applications.  I firmly believe that the function keys should be left to an application to assign.  Granted, the function keys are carried over from before we commonly used the keyboard shortcuts we are discussing about today.

If my audio app wants to use F9-F12 for psuedo "tape" controls, and someone else's graphics app wants to use those same keys for plug-ins, then that should be possible.  To my knowledge, there hasn't ever been any wide spread key bindings for the function keys (possible exceptions include SUN and SGI).

They should be reserved for application quick-keys.  Keys that don't need modifiers.

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