Re: Style Guide suggestion

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:

> Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn <> wrote:
> > 	Don't ignore the configuration options like this.  This is a
> > tricky problems that others haven't solved to my satisfaction yet.  (And
> > apparently to no one else's yet either.)  For an example of what NOT to
> > do, look at MS Word.  

> > 	There are at least two types of options.  The first is application
> > wide...  The second is document wide.  (This works for many applications.
> > A document could be a connection to a server, a document group, etc.)
> > These DOCUMENT preferences should probably be in the File|Preferences
> > menu.  Application wide preferences should be somewhere else.  

> in addition, there are the document-default configuration options. this is
> very important for a user - he should be able to enter somewhere that every
> new document he creates should have X (say, have a4 paper format or a font
> size of 12).

	I agree.  I like how MS Word solves the problem.  (You open a
special document which itself is opened each time you create a "new"

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