Re: Gnome Key Binding Standard -- Basic Issues

On 2 Jul 1998, Berin Loritsch wrote:

> If Gnome is going to establish a central key binding repository, they
> should be related to general applications.  If an application has
> further specific actions that need binding, then they would use a local
> binding scheme.  In the event of a conflict, the application would
> change what the modifying keys are.

I disagree.  IMHO Multiple applications that share similar functions
should use the same key bindings.  For example two email programs should
be able to share the same key binding to compose an email message.  If
each program uses a local database we run the risk of having each using
its own set of key bindings despite common functionality.

I also understand the flip side of the coin.  We want to avoid have a
bloated, central repository of key bindings.  With the many diffrent kinds
of software, this can also become a problem

Neil Vachharajani

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