Re: Idea for Gnome shell app...

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Peter Pezaris wrote:
> I implemented a very similar feature for a database package I wrote
> and it became very popular.  The ease of dragging a common command
> up to a toolbar is the key to the idea.  Obviously commands that are
> repeated hundreds of times over the course of months are going to
> find their way into your shell aliases, but for commands that you
> will use repeatedly for a period of time (and don't want to litter
> your aliases with) it's a Good Thing.
	Hey! Remember when I was criticizing the gnome find tool for
having this "look at command line" button and you guys where coming down
on me for advocating hiding stuff from the user? Well I just thought of a
happy compromise that would make a great U/I feature.  We could do
something like this where you could drag a mini-icon from the find app to
the shell's toolbar and it would install itself there as a "command
button" and then you could use it as a shortcut whenever you wanted to! 
Or you could drag it into the terminal window and have it be executed
once.  Pretty cool ay? 

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